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10 ways to reduce your dental bill

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Author Topic: 10 ways to reduce your dental bill  (Read 946 times)
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« on: October 28, 2008, 05:45:23 am »

    * Brush twice a day: Spend at least 5 minutes to thoroughly brush your teeth. Brushing at night is more important than brushing in the morning. This will take care of 60 per cent of the culprit, the plaque that deposits over your teeth.
    * Floss after brushing: Flossing is mandatory after brushing as it will take care of the remaining 40 per cent plaque between your teeth where your brush couldn't reach. The best way to beat the cavities and gum diseases.
    * Rinse after meals: Rinse your mouth thoroughly after meals or use a finger/brush to grossly clean the teeth surfaces. A sugarless chewing gum can also help reduce cavities, simply by flushing the debris from the crevices.
    * Avoid snacking between meals: The more you expose your mouth to foods the more these sugar-loving bacteria get to rejoice. Don't treat them thus and invite cavities.
    * Cease tobacco: Chewing tobacco, smoking, etc. not only look unaesthetic they also predispose you to gum diseases and later mouth cancers. Even if oral cancers don't prove to be fatal they often cause disfigurement.
    * Sealants and fluorides: Ask your dentist about the latest prevention techniques. Dental sealants are used as a preventive measure to seal the cavity prone teeth (those with deep grooves and fissure). Fluoride treatment for your child can also help strengthen his teeth and prevent cavities.
    * Introduce your child: Take your child to a dental clinic at an early age for regular check-ups. This will not only help him overcome the fear but also the early preventive treatments can help prevent cavities in totality.
    * Fluoridated water: Find out if the drinking water in your area is fluoridated. If not so, then consider adding fluoride to your child's diet. Also start using fluoridated toothpastes for your child but do not allow him to swallow it.
    * Disclosing tablets: Ask your dentist about these magical pills. After brushing or meals, just swish them around in your mouth, spit it out, and you will notice colored spots over your teeth, which indicate the presence of plaque.
    * Question your dentist: If ever you are in doubt about a particular treatment plan suggested by your dentist do not hesitate to question him. It is your right to know about the treatment that is about to take place in your mouth. If you are not comfortable with your dentist it's always better to go ahead and change your dentist or take a second opinion.

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